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Technology and Information

2) PROFIL - a

I'm a young man aged 26 years old, gifted in technology and computer science, endowed
with a solid professional ethics and a strong ability to work in hard conditions. This is thanks ® 24 rue Bachir sfar 6052
to my experiences acquired through my project which was in parallel with my studies. Gabes/Tunis

The" BSS" project : Bochra Security Service, which is specialised in sale and installation of

cameras and alarms. I'm looking forward to use my skills in a new stimulating position. mo omar-chaabene-networking

= Diplomas


(©) +216 93-98-9066

BTS diploma - Gabes polytechnic training center Ee Ski lls
Senior Technician in Networks and
Computer Security v Install and test network cables
oo (ethernet cabel,coaxial,optical
BTP diploma - borj cedria vocational training center .
Professional technician in automation and
industrial IT
& v' Maintained hardware and
Training certificates desktop

supports, including

Mc Office, electronic mail and
software applications.

Qualification certificate - polytechnic training center -Gabes
Fibre optic installation and welding

P1731 Qualification certificate - polytechnic training center -Gabes

Installation Analog/IP surveillance camera v Install and monitor Virtualization

2021 Qualification certificate - polytechnic training center -Gabes
m Computer Maintenance v' Mastering Operating System
: . (windows Linux mac)
18] Traineeship

v Installing and configuring low
Mohamed Hamida Electrical Works Company -Gabes stifrent . stemd surveillance
10/07/2021 au 12/8/2021 y

cameras, intercom, finger print
system, alarme system)


Company Best Solution -Gabes

01/08/2020 au 31/8/2020 v' Online course CCNA200-301

2018 AGIL National Petroleum Distribution Company-Gabes }
19/2/2018 au 22/4/2018 v Online course MCSA2019
2017 Tunisian Chemical group-Gabes
08/09/2017 au 10/11/2017 ® language
2017 Cement Company -Gabes
06/02/2017 au 05/03/2017 Arabe O O O O O
PAY) Tunisian Electricity And Gas Company-Gabes Francais
06/03/2017 07/04/2017 O O O O O

Anglais O00O00O
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