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    Our main business is we are looking for an employee who wants to help us with WordPress and general PHP/HTML development.


    -You can be a senior student or someone who has just graduated as a software engineer. It can also be someone with a few years of work experience. Self-taught developers without a diploma may also apply.

    -We need someone who can work 20-40 hours per week. Work hours are flexible, and most of the work can be done remotely, but you must come to our office in Sfax at least 1 time per week.

    -You know a bit about regex, since we play around a lot with .htaccess.

    -You are familiar with PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, HTML/CSS.

    -Our customers are mostly American and European, so it is important that you can write basic English. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you can understand this text, then it is probably good enough. We have people who can read your draft emails, before sending them to a customer.


    -Most of the initial work is easy HTML/CSS/regex. We primarily need assistance with html-to-wordpress conversions. In the beginning you will receive a lot of help from our Tunisian co-founder.

    -Some tasks require you to communicate with customers in English via email.

    -Some of the work will be very basic WordPress website building using a third-party theme with a GUI.

    -You may also work on new PHP or NodeJS projects, or integration with the ChatGPT API. It depends on your skills. Most of our tools focus on webscraping.

    -This position mostly requires consistency, precision, and communication. It's generally not difficult or technically challenging.


    -In a small business, you can make a difference. If you are good enough, you'll get your own projects to work on, and a higher salary.

    -It's a good opportunity to practice English.

    -You will learn about SEO, and how to deal with American and European customers.

    -You have the opportunity to work on new projects and learn new techniques such as working with ChatGPT and AWS.


    Your initial salary will be in the range of TND 750-3,000. Your eventual salary depends on your ability to work and communicate with customers directly without requiring much supervision.