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حول Walid MBAREK:

I am a highly motivated, hardworking, adaptable, and responsible individual who enjoys challenges and adventures. My main goal is to pursue and boost my career in IT. I enjoy working on my own or with a team. Skilled in Linux Server, Information Security, Cloud Applications, and Infrastructure.


During my internships, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of information technology and system management. At TanitWeb, I contributed to the development of a cloud monitoring dashboard for Proxmox and VMware ESXi platforms. I played a role in creating essential features such as virtual instance management, performance data collection, and the presentation of informative dashboards.

At Oxacloud, I was involved in developing an API that combined various APIs to gather resources from Vsphere using Python and Flask. Additionally, I worked on building a dashboard that displayed resources consumed by the backend, including CPU, memory, and CRUD operations. I also had the chance to deploy applications using PaaS Jelastic and Docker, enhancing my skills in cloud application management.

My experience at Lacroix Electronics involved implementing a cloud solution to deploy the company's network infrastructure on AWS, demonstrating my ability to design and implement complex cloud solutions. Finally, during my graduation internship at Network Associates, I contributed to the creation of a multi-site WAN network infrastructure based on cutting-edge technologies like SDWAN and MPLS. I also integrated security solutions, including 802.1x (ISE) on a Fortigate firewall, and set up a Samba server for file transfer.

These experiences have equipped me with diverse expertise in virtualization, API development, cloud infrastructure management, and advanced networking. I am ready to apply these skills to make a meaningful contribution to future technology projects.


I pursued my education with a focus on Cloud & DevOps Engineering at ESPRIT Ghazela, Ariana. This program equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving field of cloud computing and DevOps practices. Throughout my academic journey, I gained a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure management, automation, and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies. This educational experience not only expanded my technical prowess but also instilled in me a problem-solving mindset and the ability to adapt to dynamic IT environments. My education has laid a strong foundation for my career and has fueled my passion for leveraging technology to drive innovation and efficiency in the world of IT.

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