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حول Sirine HAMROUNI:

Looking for a new challenge, participating in the post-Embedded System Developer of a company like yours is the challenge I want to take up. Having experience in a similar position, I am above all someone who wants to help grow a company by investing in the long term.


  •  Employer: Ravensburger AG (Germany)

Responsibilities: Inventing a new kids toy concept based on 3D technology (holographiy), Artificial                                Intelligence and embedded system.

Period:  April 2021– September 2021


  • Employer: Sunrise Panels (Tunisia)

Responsibilities: Development of new and innovative display solutions:   Smart scrolling text displays controlled by mobile application, connected LED screens, Smart and interactive LED animations.

Period: October 2021- present


September 2018 -2021

 Educational institution: Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Tunis 

Speciality: Embedded systems engineering 

 Main subjects Electronics, PCB, VHDL, FPGA, stm32, Embedded C, Python, Java, Linux, Network, Design methodology VLSI, Microprocessor architecture, Architecture of the Digital Signal Processor, Signal processing, Co-Design, Robotics, and SOPC.


September 2016 – July 2018

 Educational institution: IPEIM: Preparatory institute for engineering studies El Manar 

 Speciality: Technical and physics

 Main subjects: Algebra, analysis, physics, general mechanics, engineering drawing, chemistry, computer science (programming), probability theory and statistics, thermodynamics.

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