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Patrick Leyseele A full-time position as an assistant professor at the UC Santa Cruz School of Medicine (UCSC) or as an associate professor of medicine at UCLA (CSU) can also be arranged through a medical technology consultant at UCSB.


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Each individual has a number of factors that they can judge, such as health, education, health care, family life and so on. We rely on research from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to show that quality of life increases when people can participate fully in and take responsibility for decisions affecting their lives.

The term "quality of life" is inherently ambiguous, because it can refer to the experiences an individual has had in his or her own life and to the living conditions in which he or she finds himself or herself. While one person can define them based on their personal experience (e.g. the ability to live a good life in terms of emotional and physical well-being - being), another person could define quality of life - or quality of life - by the term ability.

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