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engineering Freelancer

À propos de moi:

flexible and talented GRAPHIC DESIGNER, capable of delivering a variety of content creations in multiple differing art forms , dedicated and proffesional approach to multimedia, nearly 2 years of professional work including freelancing and media specialist , a condidate who prioritized communication with team and all other artists to ensure all requirement are met quickly and efficiently, experience in management and leadership


my job goal is always to get better and better even if you re on the top of the hills you can always go upper, that s why i m aiming for perfectionist people to work with, to learn from them and to share my experience with them, and working with a great team that are
hungry for knowledge would even make me happie


on my first year on college i joined an international organisation called aiesec in tunisia i worked as a graphic designer for a 2 years term, also been a member in aiesec in hungary as a graphic designer with teamates from all around the world with diffrent nationalties, that where my passion for digital started where i became a media specialist, starting from generating multiple strategies to diffrent brand to benchmarking others and i had the honor to create a benchmarking to popular brand mercedes in tunisia, i ll also have soon a master degree in multimedia and
. digital stratgiest, i worked also with multiple agency in tunisia as a community manager

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