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mariem ben slama

mariem ben slama

Full-stack Software Engineer
Kairouan, القيروان


حول mariem ben slama:

Passionate and open-minded full-stack software engineer with 3+ years of hands-on experience in designing and developing scalable web applications. Confident and empathetic communicator, strategic thinker  and innovative creator.


oVice Project

- Worked on oVice project features such as setting pages and roles, chat, meeting room audio and video recordings. 

- Integrated OAuth authentication like Zoom.

- Worked on a billing system using Stripe (subscription and onetime plans). 

- Developed a mediasoup bridge that uses Rust plain transport to forward media streams to external servers.

- Served to reduce churn and solve customer needs.

- Re-wrote and scaled the application from Laravel to Elixir backend, events and listeners from Echo to Phoenix channels. Used Datadog and Sentry for monitoring.

- Secured the application and APIs by hashing sensitive data and adding middlewares, ensuring the requests are authorized to penetrate the controllers.

- Communicated the project's advancement and progress, coordinated with engineers, managers and product teams to  deploy and monitor systems.

- Served as a mentor to junior members, interviewed several candidates in systems design and conducted pair programming sessions.


Visamane project

- Worked on a PoC for Optical Character Recognition model training on sensitive data (residence and visa cards) using tensorflow to transform image to text.

- Worked in teams and participated in standups and retrospective meetings.


2019 -  Diploma in computer science and engineering  - Graduated with Honors at the National School of Computer Science, Tunis, Tunisia.

2017 - M1 Master in Computer scienceGraduated with Honors at the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Management, Kairouan, Tunisia.

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