haythem achich

Sfax, معتمدية صفاقس المدينة

Ce professionnel est activement à la recherche d'un emploi.

engineering Freelancer

À propos de moi:

Hydraulic and Planning Engineer Specialist in water, hydraulic and sanitation management


hydraulic engineer and planning


•Obtaining water supply for rural areas in Tunisia

• Carrying out more than eight drinking water and sanitation projects with a team of 10 engineers in hydraulic and civil engineering and a number of qualified workers (masonry, installer, worker, etc.) which varies between 25 and 40.

• Installation of hydraulic pipes (polyethylene)

• Construction of hydraulic structures (water tank on pillars and semi-underground)

• Technical and social study of drinking water projects

• Creation of irrigated perimeters

• Development of an athletics stadium (irrigation + drainage + road study)

• Preparation of technical and financial files for calls for tenders

• Hydrological and hydrogeological study of watersheds within the framework of the PDI project.

• obtaining the provisional and final acceptance of the projects of the Tunisian governorate

• Study and installation of irrigation networks

• Ensure the realization of hydraulic studies (definition of longitudinal sanitation of infrastructure, rainwater treatment works, sizing of works to restore external flows, hydraulic modeling of watercourses).

• Carry out and participate in various hydraulic and sanitation studies (prevention of flood risks, renaturation of watercourses, development of rivers, sanitation diagnosis, expertise

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