Foued Ali

Al Marsá, ىسرملا

Ce professionnel est activement à la recherche d'un emploi.

engineering Freelancer

À propos de moi:


Transdisciplinary approach 

Scientific method use 

Critical thinking


Institution : Date from- Date toDegree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

National Engineering School of Tunis, ENIT

From 2008 to 2009

Master 1 in hydraulic and environmental simulation 

National Engineering School of Monastir, ENIM

From 2003 to 2007 

National Diploma of Engineer

Energy engineering, thermal systems option.

Preparatory institute for engineering studies of Tunis, IPEIT

From 2001 to 2003

Success of the national competition for admission into engineering school                                Math-Physics option.
Secondary school Ibn Rochd in Zarzis 

Success of the national competition for obtaining the Tunisian Baccalaureate

Mathematics option with honors.  



From 02/01/2020

Until now

TunisiaPasteur institute of Tunis

technical manager 

of BSL3 laboratory 

  • Ensured the proper functioning of technical equipments (HVAC and others …),
  • Prepared SOPs to ensure security operations in high hazardous biological risks.

From 01/09/2018



TunisiaNational Agency for Energy Conservation, ANMEchief Engineer / project manager 
  • Project manager of the pilot project District energy located in the zone of Berges du Lac financed by the French fund FASEP : review and validation of technical and financial feasibility studies led by Tractebel engineering, communication on the project, searching for potential donors, 
  • Project manager "Accelerating investment in District Energy in Tunisia” which is funded by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and supervised by UNEP (district energy in cities initiative) and the Polytechnic of Milano: the project consists in developing a regulatory framework for this sector in Tunisia, creation of a business plan and an ATLAS of DE potential in Tunisia.
  • Promotion of thermal storage technology in Tunisia and cooling utilities for industrial zones.
From 15/08/2017 to 31/08/2018




German development corporation for international cooperation, GIZ 


Sr. technical advisor  

Project 1: Detailed Project Preparation DPP phase - NAMA Facility Support Project on scaling-up renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Tunisian building sector


Project 2: "RMS - Strengthening the Solar Market in Tunisia"


  • Contributed to the realization of the DPP activities - NAMA Facility in collaboration with various partners and stakeholders including the National Agency for the energy efficiency (ANME), the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG), and the Ministry of the Energy, etc.
  • Actively participated in bilateral meetings with public and private institutions for the preparation phase of the project: scaling-up PROSOL ELEC program, regulatory texts, and the revision of technical and administrative documents as well as the publication of micro-inverter new technical references...
  • Provided support and technical advice to the project manager and public and private partners
  • Contributed to the quality assurance (QA/QC) of the deliverables from the contracting firms (Ecofys and Alcor) and external consultants (affordability study, financial mechanism, microinverter expertise, ESIA study, interim report, communication plan, surveys ...),
  • Prepared different types of ToRs (NAMA expert pool, micro-inverters eligibility ...),
  • Participated in negotiations with local and international banks to refine the financial mechanism and to secure financing through credit lines
  • Organized workshops
  • Produced communication materials for the project, including newsletters, factsheets, online publications, NAMA registry, and others.
  • Operationalized the MRV module (measurements, reporting and verification) for the NAMA Building.
From 01/01/2015 to 14/08/2017





LMS Consulting 


Independent consultant 

  • Designed and supervised HVAC projects in the tertiary and industrial sector :
  • BARGOU bottling plant.
  • Construction of OKBA clinic in Kairouan.
  • Factory for solar panels manufacturing in Kairouan.
  • Optimized the compressed air network of the MTK factory: tobacco manufacturing.
  • SIDI SAHBI fountain design project 
From 01/06/2015 to 14/08/2017




Asselec Engineering 


Independent consultant

  • Conducted the energy audit in the industrial sector: iron and steel industry (INTERMETAL & TUNICAST), Construction materials and ceramics sector (SOMOCER, CJO cement plant), electronic domain (ELEKTRON)
  • Conducted the energy audit in the tertiary sector (20 sites of the chain-AZIZA store-, Nabeul municipality)
  • Created project sheets to improve energy efficiency: technical and profitability studies.
From 25/04/2012 to 14/08/2017




Ministry of Health


Technical service manager 

  • Energy saving officer
  • Managed and supervised new projects in collaboration with external consultants and experts, 
  • Monitored the implementation of new technical installations and equipment,
  • Supervised a skilled maintenance team work,
  • Ensured the team’s proper execution and performance of the internal maintenance.
  • Established an annual schedule for the different types of maintenance (preventive, corrective, conditional and curative ...),
  • Developed and monitored the external maintenance contracts
  • Ensured the proper functioning of technical equipment 
  • Conducted technical and financial feasibility studies to optimize the functioning of equipment and the maintenance of buildings. This expertise aided the general manger in drawing new strategic lines to evolve the establishment services, 
  • Managed the maintenance budget and investment plans,
  • Identified technical solutions, 


From 01/08/2009 to 24/04/2017






Biomedical national center for technical studies and maintenance, CETEM BH.





Sr. Engineer 

  • Member of solar and cold chain committee of “Optimize” project led by WHO and funded by PATH,
  • Supervised the installation of photovoltaic panels in a pilot area of Kasserine within the “Optimize” project
  • Supervised the execution of HVAC projects in public hospitals,
  • Conducted engineering and technical prospections and produced expertise reports on HVAC, and sterilization facilities in the public health sector across the Tunisian territory,
  • Responsible for energy saving and energy efficiency in the ministry of health by preparing the annual energy consumption report and participated in the renewable energy pilot projects and managed the energy audits in public hospitals with contracted audit experts, 


From 25/05/2009 to 29/06/2009




Technical center for construction materials, CTMCCV



Sr. Engineer 

  • Assigned to the thermal performance laboratory of thermal insulation materials and solar collector test.
From 01/02/2009 to 30/04/2009





MEDREC (Mediterranean Renewable Energy Center).

An international cooperation between Ministry of Environment of Italy and the National Agency for Energy Efficiency, ANME





Sr. Engineer 

  • Participated in a case study for the feasibility of bioenergy projects in Tunisia: Jatropha culture in the Kasserine region for the synthesis of a biofuel, forest waste collection project for the production of pellets ...
  • Participated in a pilot project for solar cold production in the Capbon region of Nabeul governorate.
From 14/02/2008 to 14/01/2009





Tecsol Tunisia & Aptitudes Group 



Jr. Engineer 

  • Developed technico-economic feasibility studies and tender documents for collective solar water heating installations in the tertiary sector,
  • Participated in the coaching of design offices as part of the PROSOL II project with GIZ and ANME as assistant engineer,
  • Organized trainings in the hotel sector on the theme of saving energy and water.
From 08/11/2007 to 13/02/2008





Energy & Environment Engineering, 3E 



Jr. Engineer 

  • Participated as a trainee engineer under the supervision of a Sr. engineer in the following activities:
  • Energy audit of the Wedzar oil site -ENI Tunisia,
  • Conducted thermal calculations,
  • Produced project sheets for the improvement of energy efficiency: technical- and profitability studies.

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